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Privacy Information

1. Introduction
2. What information do we hold and where do we get it?
3. What does Holywell Engineering do with your personal information?
4. Who else gets to see your information?
5. What choices do you have?
6. Looking after your data
7. When does this privacy policy not apply?
8. Contacting us



1. Introduction - back to top^

We take the security and privacy of customer information seriously and are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. As a business, Holywell Engineering Ltd is built on the bedrock of building long term relationships with customers and site visitors.

If you leave, we have failed. So we make every effort not to breech privacy and risk customer offence for short-term financial gain. Your data is about you, Holywell Engineering and how we work together. This brief guide describes how we collect, use and safeguard the information you provide us with when you use our online services.

Personal data is the information you supply that identifies you, for example, your name and address. Anonymous data is information that does not identify you personally, for example, the average length of visit to our site is 12 minutes.

Holywell Engineering's primary reason for collecting personal data is to provide you with a more personalised service. We also collect data so that we can understand and identify our customers/visitors needs. The aim is to make each online experience a better one. Understanding your needs means we are in a better position to meet them, and we can do this by looking at how you use our services/information and products.

Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy, so you know what choices you have about the information we may ask you for. This policy is updated from time to time, please check back periodically.


2. What Information Do We Hold and Where Do We Get It From?
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Information about your visits to our services:

Holywell Engineering may gather data about what pages you visit within the site, how long you stayed on a page, and the route you took to navigate through the pages. This information helps us monitor the user friendliness of our service and what your needs might be. It also helps us to develop and improve our service generally [in direct response to customer requirements.]

Personal details:

When you register with our newsletter or add your details to our contacts page, we collect personal details from you [name, address, email address etc]. This helps us to provide a personalised service, unique to you.

We may also ask you for personal details at other times, for example if we run a market research questionnaire, competition or promotion. The majority of this data collection is not compulsory, however.

Your personal information may be obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Online registration forms
  • Online forms from time to time
  • By email
  • Automatically by your internet browser
  • On Customer agreements
  • By post [via interactive CD-ROM]


3. What Does Holywell Engineering Do With Your Personal Information?
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Your Personal Information:

Holywell Engineering will NEVER provide reports to third parties, for example content partners and advertisers.

We formulate statistical reports - these are anonymous summaries used to monitor the success of our content and advertising, and to help us develop a service in line with customer need. From our statistical reports we can provide general information about our service, for example, ‘4,000 people clicked on an advertisement yesterday’, or ‘26% of our customers are over 34 years old’.


4. Who Else Gets To See your information?
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We won’t pass on personal information to third parties unless we are required by law to disclose that information.

From time to time, Holywell Engineering may ask you questions about your tastes and preferences [e.g.: Is the white background easy on your eyes, is the type font too small etc]. This is done only to enhance your online experience with us.

5. What choices do you have?
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Don't fill out our onlline forms or or add your details for inclusion in the site. Although, we would recommend that you did!


6. Looking After Your Data
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Holywell Engineering is committed to data security. We have implemented technical, managerial, and operational security, rules, procedures and measures, to ensure that your personal information is held within operating environments that are not available to the public. We take steps to guard against unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, destruction, and accidental loss of personal data. This includes rules for all staff with access to the server, network or databases that hold your personal information.


7. When does this privacy policy not apply?
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Please note that this policy only applies to the collection and use of data by Holywell Engineering Ltd and not to other companies, individuals, and organisations to which we provide links through our online services.

This privacy policy does not cover advertisers and content partners within our service who may also collect your personal details. These companies should also have their own privacy policies.

If you place any of your personal details on any services we might develop for chat, bulletin boards, emails, your personal home page or any other publicly accessible page, then under these circumstances data will not [and can not] be covered by this privacy policy.

Holywell Engineering advises its customers to be cautious of providing their personal information, such as contact information - email address, postal address, telephone or name - to organisations on the open internet. Customers are advised always to read a web site’s privacy policy before submitting personal information.

8. Contacting Us
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If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information you should write in the first instance to our Privacy Compliance Team at our registered office [address below] or contact us. Please also use this address to let us know of any experience with privacy problems you may have with any of the sites to which our services link to.

Privacy Compliance Team
Holywell Engineering Ltd
T: +44 (0)191 268 4365

Data Protection Commissioner

If you want to learn more about the rights regarding your personal data you should contact the Data Protection Commissioner’s office information line on 01625 545745 or visit their web site at http://www.dataprotection.gov.uk/

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